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Advanced racing since 2003

  • Nickname: racersnigeln, formerly known as vajjruz, Bhaal and RiPPer
  • Real name: Erik Winter
  • Born: 1988
  • Nationality: Image:flag_se.gif Swedish
  • Current clan:
  • Duelmania Admin

[edit] Clan history

[edit] Achievements

  • Beat Image:flag_se.gif LocKtar on end
  • Winner of the first Ownage dmm4 tournament.
  • Current idlechampion in the Quakenet channel #wasters
  • Made a girl cry by saying she got herpes by making out with a friend of his *buhuu* (he didn't have it)

[edit] Quotes

"Jag har logg"

[edit] External links

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