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Kombat Teams eXtreme (KTX) is a QuakeWorld® server modification designed to enhance gameplay and provide players with several different playmodes.

Inspired by KTPro (a non opensource QuakeWorld® server modification), KTX has been developed to provide the QuakeWorld© community with a more evolving opensource code and is based on Kombat Teams 2.21.

[edit] Information

IMPORTANT: For a complete guide on how to setup and configure a KTX-server, head over to the KTX wiki pages

KTX also provides administrators with a lot of features to control how the server behaves and what the players have access to and can change, along with detailled statistics.

[edit] Play modes provided

[edit] Advantages over KTPro

  • Open source (GPL)
  • Actively developed
  • Enable/disable any weapon in DMM4 using /noweapon <weaponname>
  • /gren_mode (grenades only explode on direct impact) - DMM4 only
  • +scores shows seconds to players (useful when joining late)
  • Additional endgame statistics
  • Spawnfrag duration increased to 2 seconds

[edit] Disadvantages to KTPro

  • DMM6-8 is missing

[edit] Differences with KTPro

  • /cmd silence is the same thing as /silence
  • /cmd lock is the same thing as /lock. In KTPro /cmd lock locks the server for 15 seconds
  • /cmd ban is missing
  • IP admins are not fully added yet
  • When players drown during prewar, they get bubbles over their head

[edit] Crew

[edit] Project Leaders:

[edit] Developers:

[edit] Testers:

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