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V1 Semi ZR-SK

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[edit] Introduction

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[edit] DM3


How can you take control of the whole of DM3 in under one minute? Well, Zetor managed to do just that and whip up around 30 frags in under two! This was increadible play from Zetor as SK struggled to comprehend what was actually happening. There were lots of discharges in the water area with no affect, ZR just kept coming. SK had some breaks as when Kane got the pent after a bloody struggle with ZR's powerup-whores ( =] ), but all in all, ZR did amazing and SK could never take control of the whole level when they made a break.

[edit] E1M2


This match began much more intense. Both teams spawned pretty equal and kept close to eachother for the beginning of the game. One minute down and both teams were at around 10 frags. Zetor took a league, using quad and amazing hiding and ambushing attacks around gl and ya. Then, around three-four minutes into the game, Acid drops out... SK is still kept at bay as Jaguar wields the quadaura around, smiting his foes with glowing blue streaks of...whatever. Anyway, they are kept at bay. Acid rejoins pretty quickly, but SK has got the taste of blood and press onwards, evening up the scores as they go. At around 11 minutes into gametime, ZR get's their revenge as Kane drops out... Still, Schroet holds their grounds as best they are able and Kane reconnects ... his name slightly fucked up ... Schroet presses on towards the equalizer. First at around 25-30 frags behind and four-three minutes left, Hib decides to provide an ample opportunity for a comeback and dissconnects. SK are frantic, they make some gains as Hib is quick to return. With like 12 frags separating them and about 1,5 minutes to go ZR grabs the quad again and pull away a little. The last minute is defined by a sudden burst of frags from SK that falls short of actually evening it up much. ... heavy game !

Report by Ego

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