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V1 Quarter E-CN

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[edit] Introduction

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[edit] DM3

Image:V1 Quarter E-CN dm3.jpg

It was a very intence start, and the first 5 mins it was a very equal game. The control over RA went forward and backward and my ping wern't that good in the middle of the game. But the last 10 mins we had total control, or so it feelt, coz we were spawnfragging them like hell. This was CN pick of map and I think our pick of server.

[edit] E1M2


Now it was our pick - e1m2 and a dk server. I think we got a pretty good start, or atleast I did :) I camped YA in the beginng, but when my ammo for my rl went to 0 so did my armor and health pretty fast to. But we mange to retake YA and GL, and now we had 1-2 rl's allways at YA, GL so in the end we mange to take over the whole map and spawnfrag them :)

GG CN and we try to keep our promises we made to u :)

Report by Hixen

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