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Post your suggestions for the overview page here.


[edit] Servers and modifications

You made a nice place for clients but I don't see any direct reference to servers of modifications on this page... Can you create the 2 sections?

[edit] Servers

[edit] Modifications

Thanks. Deurk

[edit] started article of the week. (at least to begin with)

doesn't look ugly but at least ok for now, feel free to rollback the edit. looks ok now thanks to xantom, suggestions for next week's article? should we write new one or get existing one ?

[edit] Outdated

Blueyonder and its mirror are dead

The Shub-Hub link is dead for ages, use instead.

Damn, the fotw is gone too. Sorry. :-(

Coming up - Quake Forewer Winter 2009 .. hello, it's winter 2010 soon :)

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