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The Big 3

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The Big 3 or TB3 is a phrase often used to describe the 3 most commonly-played maps in each game mode.


[edit] Maps

[edit] 1on1/2on2

In 1on1 and 2on2 these maps are DM2, DM4 and DM6. Some argue that 1on1 now has a "TB5", such is the popularity of the custom maps Aerowalk and ZTNDM3.

[edit] 4on4

In 4on4 TB3 is made up of 2 deathmatch maps - DM2 and DM3 - plus E1M2, a map from the Quake1 single player campaign.

[edit] TB3 dominance

Debate has raged in the QW scene about whether it's better to stick to the tried and tested TB3 map pool, or whether so-called "Kenya" maps should be played in tournaments.

The 4on4 scene is currently dominated by TB3, with a slim minority of games being played on CMT3 and CMT4.

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