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Smack that Ass

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brief introduction

[edit] History

Founded march 2000 as a Quake3 FFA only Clan, we moved slowly to teamplay mods such as TDM and CTF. Some of our Members got bored about q3 and moved to Quakeworld.

QW Squad was formed 13th April 2003.

[edit] Information

[edit] Members

Inactive members

Image:flag_de.gif Massaka, Image:flag_se.gif Znappe, Image:flag_de.gif pulp, Image:flag_de.gif Smerz, Image:flag_de.gif Drd

Former members

Image:flag_de.gif B4ck, Image:flag_de.gif Clnd, Image:flag_de.gif Bruta, Image:flag_de.gif Fox, Image:flag_de.gif Haudrauf, Image:flag_nl.gif Purity, Image:flag_nl.gif Tao, Image:flag_de.gif Meth, Image:flag_de.gif Un1k, Image:flag_de.gif Psychomantis, Image:flag_de.gif Rotten, Image:flag_lu.gif Soma, Image:flag_de.gif Rafzahn, Image:flag_de.gif Affi, Image:flag_cz.gif Shpeq, Image:flag_nl.gif Wimpeeh, Image:flag_de.gif Enasni, Image:flag_se.gif South, Image:flag_it.gif Mixu, Image:flag_nl.gif Nielz, Image:flag_be.gif Bwuss, Image:flag_de.gif hulud, Image:flag_de.gif doge, Image:flag_de.gif Tuna, Image:flag_de.gif Weirdo, Image:flag_de.gif p4cman, Image:flag_cz.gif xatah, Image:flag_de.gif Uig, Image:flag_de.gif IBA

[edit] Achievements

Nations Quake Rank

NQR 5 Division 7 participant

NQR 6 Division 4 participant

NQR 7 Division 4 participant

NQR 8 Division 5 Winner

NQR 9 Division 3 participant

NQR 10 Bronze B semifinals

NQR 11 Bronze semifinals

European Quake League

EQL1 Division 3 participant

EQL2 Division 4 participant

EQL4 Division 4 participant

EQL5 Division 4 semifinals

EQL7 participant

EQL 15 participant

German Quake League

geql participant

[edit] External links

All officiall sTa demos

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