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Quake Nations Cup 2008

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Czech Quake is trying to organise biggest and best action by connecting all Quake scenes across and try to set up cooperation between all Quake scenes.


[edit] Information

  • Games: QuakeWorld TDM, Quake 2 TDM, Quake 3 TDM, Quake 4 TDM
  • Last day to sign up is 13th January 2008.
  • First rounds of games will start on 14th January 2008.
  • Official website: Quake Nations Cup
  • Idea, organization: Hawrix
  • QW Admin: JohnNy_cz and Zappater

[edit] Signed Nations (QW)

image:flag_cz.gif Czech Republic - JohnNy_cz, Flamer, itmik, shpeq, jebak, Fr4g, moris, cuky
image:flag_de.gif Germany - anni, 123, spoink, raptor, uig, iba, mae, Soma
image:flag_at.gif Austria - Defcon 5, slash, hoshi, watzl, ori
image:flag_ru.gif Russia (Team A) - xpr, starling, zepp, dot, doom, blaze, gor, unknown
image:flag_ru.gif Russia (Team B) - VVD, bubliG, SS, Bulat, bonez, Disconnect, XN, Del
image:flag_hu.gif Hungary - zero, milamber, orion, crash, stevens
image:flag_nl.gif The Netherlands - purity, reppie, murdoc, dragon, skillah, mja
image:flag_se.gif Sweden (Team A) - XantoM, bps, riker, nabbe, lakso, phrenic, molecule, razor
image:flag_se.gif Sweden (Team B) - nas, djevulsk, nakoz, fnosk, hagge, score
image:flag_se.gif Sweden (Team C) - Åke Vader, Mille, Krab, TheEvilDog, mm
image:flag_pl.gif Poland (Team A) - cpe, billy, blasp, derek, insane, panczo, plast, slabi
image:flag_pl.gif Poland (Team B) - pooll, lan, predator, highlander, equalek, panczo
image:flag_gb.gif United Kingdom - batfink, serox, marvelforce, keyser
image:flag_fi.gif Finland - anza, fifi, fix, milton, blaze, mirage, skisso, ihminen, diki
image:flag_dk.gif Denmark - Zalon, ParadokS, nEmo, eMbAh, Shadow, pwr, Volc, Latency
image:flag_pt.gif Portugal - nOrules, dib, nosferatu, trinca, Choke, Hectic, Nitemare, Mushi

[edit] Results

For all playoff games see the Quake Nations Cup 2008 Results page.

[edit] Winners Bracket Final

Team #1 Result Team #2
Finland Image:flag_fi.gif 3 - 0 Image:flag_nl.gif The Netherlands
237 DM3 108
296 DM2 98
232 E1M2 187

[edit] Losers Bracket Final

Team #1 Result Team #2
The Netherlands Image:flag_nl.gif 3 - 0 Image:flag_se.gif Sweden A
219 DM2 163
223 DM3 134
268 E1M2 166

[edit] Grand Final

Team #1 Result Team #2
Finland Image:flag_fi.gif 3 - 1 Image:flag_nl.gif The Netherlands
198 DM2 128
195 DM3 136
199 E1M2 221
258 E1M2 157

[edit] Seedings

Basket 1
image:flag_se.gif Sweden
image:flag_fi.gif Finland
image:flag_ru.gif Russia A
image:flag_nl.gif Netherlands

Basket 2
image:flag_pl.gif Poland
image:flag_uk.gif United Kingdom
image:flag_dk.gif Denmark
image:flag_hu.gif Hungary

Basket 3
image:flag_cz.gif Czech
image:flag_at.gif Austria
image:flag_de.gif Germany
image:flag_ru.gif Russia B

NOTE: Update this?

[edit] Groups

Group 1
image:flag_ru.gif Russia A
image:flag_at.gif Austria
image:flag_uk.gif United Kingdom
image:flag_pl.gif Poland B

Group 2
image:flag_fi.gif Finland
image:flag_cz.gif Czech
image:flag_hu.gif Hungary
image:flag_pt.gif Portugal

Group 3
image:flag_nl.gif Netherlands
image:flag_de.gif Germany
image:flag_dk.gif Denmark
image:flag_se.gif Sweden B

Group 4
image:flag_se.gif Sweden
image:flag_ru.gif Russia B
image:flag_pl.gif Poland
image:flag_se.gif Sweden C

[edit] Rules & Settings

  • Clients: ezQuake, nQuake
  • Basic Settings: Timelimit 20, Fraglimit 0
  • Server: Most equal server available
  • Maps: DM2, DM3, E1M2

[edit] Links

[edit] External links

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