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Quake Nations Cup

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Czech Quake is trying to organise biggest and best action by connecting all Quake scenes across and try to set up cooperation between all Quake scenes.


[edit] Information

  • Games: QuakeWorld TDM, Quake 2 TDM, Quake 3 TDM, Quake 4 TDM
  • Most recent season was 2009
  • Official website: Quake Nations Cup
  • QW 2009 website: QNC hosted on
  • Idea, organization: image:flag_cz.gif Hawrix

[edit] Hall of fame

[edit] Admins

[edit] History

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[edit] Links

National team cups
Leagues, events and cups
National Challenge 1 (Spring 1997), QuakeWorld Nations Cup (Winter 2004), QuakeWorld World Championships 2004 (Spring 2004), QuakeWorld World Championships 2005 (Spring 2005), Quake Nations Cup 2008 (Spring 2008), Quake Nations Cup 2009 (Spring 2009)
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