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Please now see QuakeTV

[edit] Overview

EZTV is a project derived from the FTEQTV project which was made by Spike from the FTE QW team. The purpose of QWTV is to fine-tune the MVD over TCP observing feature, that is the most comfortable and popular way of mass observing QuakeWorld matches.

[edit] Quick start

If you want to watch a QW match, you need to open one of the QWTV servers (see section below) with a web browser and save a file (usually it's called "watch.qtv") to your hard drive by clicking on "Watch Now!" button. Then you have to associate the extension "qtv" with your version of ezQuake if this is not done already. Now you'll be able to watch an QWTV game by double-clicking on "watch.qtv" file. NB: Your version of ezQuake should be 1.8 or higher.

[edit] Current QWTV servers

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