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QHLAN 10 is one of the things you cant miss. There will be good games, good venue and more. QHLAN 10 is the last QHLAN that lorn will be leading. That means that maybe this could be the last QHLAN so we will be waiting for you!


[edit] Tournaments


1on1 groups
1on1 groups
1on1 playoff bracket
1on1 playoff bracket


  1. image:flag_eu.gif Firing Squad (reppie & razor)
  2. image:flag_se.gif Fragomatic (valla & xterm)
  3. image:flag_eu.gif Slackers (ParadokS & murdoc)


  1. image:flag_eu.gif Slackers (ParadokS, murdoc, krab, Xalibur, xterm)
  2. image:flag_se.gif Suddendeath (bps, ok98, molecule, mille)
  3. image:flag_eu.gif Firing Squad (reppie, razor, serox, spoink)

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