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POVDMM4 - "DMM4 Arena"
Author: Image:flag_au.gif Povo-Hat
Gametypes: DMM4

PovDMM4 is a small map designed for use in Deathmatch Mode 4. It is a large single room with four spawns at the far north, south, east and west. Two yellow armors are available in small alcoves, which are accessible via a shootable switch above each alcove.

The map was created by Image:flag_au.gif Povo-Hat in 2001, after slaving in front of a shareware copy of Worldcraft for almost 15 minutes. Despite its horrible aesthetics and gameplay, it has gained much popularity for warmup, practice and aim benchmarking applications.

[edit] LGC2

LGC2 features this map by default, and most LG competitions are commonly held on this map. The past winners of LGC on PovDMM4 have been:

[edit] Trivia

  • Initially designed for RL only fights
  • The handrails were a horrible mistake, but are a legal necessity due to accessibility requirements for disabled or less-able rangers
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