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Phrenic is a movie producer, having released Holocaust, and reputable player, being involved in numerous competition placings.

[edit] Information

  • Real name: Erik Söderlund
  • Date of birth: 03 25, 1985
  • Also known as: phren
  • Nationality: Image:flag_se.gif Swedish
  • Current clan: Image:flag_se.gif Suddendeath
  • Admin of: Nations Quake Rank
  • Colors:   0    12 
  • Map: dm4

[edit] History

phrenic got into Quake thanks to an old friend of his, Circle. It was 1999 and he didn't have a connection, so was only able to play against Frogbots and sometimes on LAN, but never online. He then got back into Quake in late-2005 after acquiring an internet connection.

After downloading and being impressed by some (possibly a QHLAN) movie, phrenic dowloaded Sony Vegas Video and started making small QW clips, adding a few transitions and effects. Releasing first movie on December 9, 2004 called Noobpov and enjoying the editing process a lot, Phrenic was spurred on to continue.

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[edit] Quotes

  • "Jag har längt väntat i jag vet itt hur länge, såg den idag då den kom ut och nu har den kommit!"
  • "Soma lives in Hamburg not in germany (if i got that right, hamburg is it's own little country)"

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