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Panic (Swedish Player)

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paradok's #1 fan

  • Real name: Ola Warringer
  • Date of birth: 1985
  • Nationality: Image:flag_se.gif Swedish
  • Current clan: Image:flag_se.gif Vagabond

[edit] Clan history

[edit] Achievements

Won with 1 frag in some random 1on1 vs the mighty paradoks at DM6 and just a couple of months after that it was time for QHLAN so he challenged the even mightier griffin on DM2 DMM4 and came out victorious with 1 frag (cause of a telefrag), so this is really a true QW Champion.

The myth says he once got fucked by an elephant of epic proportions, the truth is yet to be determined.

[edit] External links

Demos with Panic at Challenge-TV

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