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"Osams is not just a clan. It's a fucking family" Stefan "Steppa" Johansson

[edit] History

Osams was formed by a group of friends from Jordbro, Stockholm. The group played many different games, including Quakeworld, at LAN cafes, and was at one point a CS clan. "Osams" as a QW clan appears to have debuted in NQR season 3. Although originally a team made-up of friends who went to school or college together, the team opened its doors to other players as the years went by.

The clan gradually improved in the middle of the 2000s, from being division 6 (of 7) in NQR5, to losing in the division 3 (of 5) playoffs in NQR7, and finally winning the NQR9 "Silver Cup" in a thriller final against Wunderbar. The team then enjoyed several seasons in division 2 of EQL, before a shrinking roster and increasing inactivity saw several key players move on to bigger and better things. The clan played in every NQR and EQL season from NQR3 through to EQL6, and also played a rather inactive role in EQL8. The clan returned for EQL10, and after a difficult season in division 3 (of 4), finished 2nd in division 3 (of 3) in EQL11. EQL12 saw Osams finish rock bottom of division 2 (of 3). Even now the roster boasts two of the clan's founding members, twin brothers Steppa and Thompen.

Osams has always been well-known for its friendly attitude and "for fun" attitude. The members are good friends away from QW and there truly ain't no party like an Osams party. Steppa, Thompen, Whyz and Manny even attended Gaz's wedding in the summer of 2010.

Osams also ran a second team called Bosams in NQR Season 8.

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