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NQR North America Season 2

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NQR North America Season 2 was a North American 4on4 tournament. Was played in fall 2005, six teams made the playoffs of which the quarter- and semifinals were best of 5 games and the final was supposed to be best of seven. The dramatic final was played at 21-12-2005.


[edit] Results

[edit] Quarter-finals

Team #1 Result Team #2
Where's the Grapple? Image:flag_us.gif W - O Image:flag_us.gif The Brown Eels
New Expert Gamers Image:flag_us.gif 0 - 3 Image:flag_us.gif Illuminatis

[edit] Semi-finals

Team #1 Result Team #2
Team Einstein Image:flag_us.gif 3 - 0 Image:flag_us.gif Where's the Grapple?
Illuminatis Image:flag_us.gif 0 - 3 Image:flag_us.gif The Boss

[edit] Final

Team #1 Result Team #2
The Boss Image:flag_us.gif 3 - 1 Image:flag_us.gif Team Einstein

NQR North America
NQR North America Season 1 (Spring 2005)
NQR North America Season 2 (Fall 2005)
Season 1: Image:flag_us.gif The Boss
Season 2: Image:flag_us.gif The Boss
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