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Mob of Oddballs

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[edit] History

The Clan was founded on September the 2nd, 2007 as a result of the Team Building Initiative started by Image:flag_fi.gif Itsinen. The members were thus somewhat randomly selected with regard to their geographical location. The clan signed up to perform in EQL Season 6.

In January 2011, members Image:flag_uk.gif Darff, Image:flag_uk.gif andro & Image:flag_ch.gif burps agreed on taking on more members with a view to form an Academy. This academy was advertised by Image:flag_uk.gif Darff on the forum inviting new members of any ability to join and learn and share knowledge. Two teams were entered into EQL13 - 'The Mob' (Image:flag_uk.gif Darff (Team Leader), Image:flag_at.gif Defcon 5, Image:flag_pt.gif dib, Image:flag_uk.gif fer, Image:flag_uk.gif gore, Image:flag_cz.gif itmik, Image:flag_de.gif rotten), the 1st team, and Oddballs ( Image:flag_uk.gif andro, Image:flag_ch.gif burps (Team Leader), Image:flag_cz.gif cuky, Image:flag_fr.gif gpl, Image:flag_se.gif Muff1n, Image:flag_de.gif nIx, Image:flag_fi.gif Pektopah, Image:flag_ie.gif PleuraXeraphim), the 2nd team. Oddballs represented a great opportunity to learn and improve, helped where possible by The Mob, and all mofo players could still mix for non-EQL practices.

Despite winning the league part of Division 3, EQL13 (and beating the eventual division winners, Machinery), The Mob lost at the quarter finals stage of the playoffs. Oddballs caused many upsets in Division 3, beating CBK, IHQ, VM, YMBJ and Paras - plus they took a map (almost both!) from eventual division finalists In a Blaze.

Mob of Oddballs regrouped for a new season in September 2011 (EQL14), under the new leadership of Image:flag_pt.gif dib. This time the Mofo Academy had enough members to be able to field three teams into EQL14. The four main Oddballs players from EQL13 stayed together in 'International Frenchballs', and the remaining players were split into 'early evening' (Oddballs) and 'late night' (Suckballs) players, rather than 1st and 2nd teams.

Mob of Oddballs merged in one team again for EQL16 (late 2012) having Image:flag_pt.gif mushi as captain. 2 weeks before the final date of the regular season, zero games played. Ended the regular season with 6 maps won and 0 lost, and managed to go to the playoffs.

Mob of Oddballs
Mob of Oddballs

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