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LGC (Lightning Gun Competition) is an exhibition tournament, focusing on the Lightning Gun.

It is currently running at as LGC3. Most of the information below is about its predecessor, LGC2. LGC3 no longer rotates maps every week, and instead accepts all demos for all supported maps. To see the most up-to-date information, you can visit the main site.


[edit] Details

LGC is played offline on various dmm4 maps (such as povdmm4) versus skill 10 frogbot with lg_pref enabled. This simulates playing versus a player with robotic aim and eliminates unfairness due to online lag. The points are awared based on the formula:

Score = LG% * Damage

The player must use a special version of the bot downloaded from the lgc site, which contains the specially configured bot. There are various other rules the player must follow, such as not picking up armors, and not using other weapons besides LG. Unfortunately, the current state of QW bot technology eventually makes it quite predictable, so the LG% are inflated by as much as 5%-10%, when comparing that player vs other humans.

This tournament allows one to compare his LG skill to other players. The top players also get bragging rights about their LG, and elite icons:

  • Winner: DEATH STAR
  • 2nd: Optimus Prime
  • 3rd: T-800 Model 101

And, if you pass the elite 11,000 mark, you will get the super elite icon of:

  • Chuck Norris

And, if you pass the H0LYSH1TT 12,000 mark, you will get the super elite icon of:

  • Bruce Lee

[edit] Bruce Lee club

  • Image:flag_br.gif Helm Image:Ach_pos_1.gifImage:Ach_pos_1.gifImage:Ach_pos_1.gifImage:Ach_pos_1.gifImage:Ach_pos_1.gifImage:Ach_pos_2.gifImage:Ach_pos_2.gifImage:Ach_pos_2.gifImage:Ach_pos_3.gif

[edit] Chuck Norris club

  • Image:flag_br.gif sfinx Image:Ach_pos_1.gifImage:Ach_pos_1.gifImage:Ach_pos_1.gifImage:Ach_pos_2.gifImage:Ach_pos_2.gifImage:Ach_pos_2.gifImage:Ach_pos_2.gif
  • Image:flag_se.gif the-interceptor Image:Ach_pos_1.gifImage:Ach_pos_1.gif
  • Image:flag_se.gif LethalWiz Image:Ach_pos_2.gifImage:Ach_pos_3.gifImage:Ach_pos_3.gifImage:Ach_pos_3.gifImage:Ach_pos_3.gifImage:Ach_pos_3.gif

[edit] 10,000 club

  • Image:flag_br.gif Zip Image:Ach_pos_1.gif
  • Image:flag_fi.gif Renzo Image:Ach_pos_1.gifImage:Ach_pos_2.gifImage:Ach_pos_2.gifImage:Ach_pos_3.gifImage:Ach_pos_3.gifImage:Ach_pos_3.gif
  • Image:flag_br.gif mur Image:Ach_pos_1.gifImage:Ach_pos_1.gifImage:Ach_pos_1.gifImage:Ach_pos_2.gifImage:Ach_pos_2.gif
  • Image:flag_br.gif Thornado Image:Ach_pos_3.gif

[edit] 9,000 club

  • Image:flag_de.gif cyr Image:Ach_pos_3.gif
  • Image:flag_se.gif Torzelan
  • Image:flag_us.gif lithium Image:Ach_pos_2.gif

[edit] 8,000 club

  • Image:flag_nz.gif React Image:Ach_pos_3.gif
  • Image:flag_ru.gif bublik Image:Ach_pos_2.gifImage:Ach_pos_3.gif
  • Image:flag_de.gif s1k
  • Image:flag_br.gif Alyx Image:Ach_pos_3.gif

[edit] 7,000 club

  • Image:flag_.gif twist_x86
  • Image:flag_uk.gif HangTime
  • Image:flag_ca.gif def
  • Image:flag_pl.gif olo
  • Image:flag_se.gif razor
  • Image:flag_us.gif st-ok
  • Image:flag_us.gif Thump4 Image:Ach_pos_2.gif
  • Image:flag_dk.gif eMbAh
  • Image:flag_us.gif Cholo
  • Image:flag_hu.gif milamber
  • Image:flag_br.gif duke
  • Image:flag_ru.gif Exile
  • Image:flag_ru.gif op3l
  • Image:flag_us.gif swift
  • Image:flag_fi.gif Jukka

[edit] Hall of fame

[edit] LGC2 week 12: dmm4_3

[edit] LGC2 week 11: amphi2

[edit] LGC2 week 10: povdmm4

[edit] LGC2 week 9: dm6dmm4

[edit] LGC2 week 8: povdmm4

[edit] LGC2 week 7: dmm4_1

[edit] LGC2 week 6: dmm4_3

[edit] LGC2 week 5: dm2dmm4

[edit] LGC2 week 4: amphi2

[edit] LGC2 week 3: povdmm4

[edit] LGC2 week 2: povdmm4

[edit] LGC2 week 1: povdmm4

[edit] LGC1: povdmm4

[edit] IBC: povdmm4

(Brazilians were not able to upload, because ult's server had a mass block on .br subnet. This was due to people from .br using exploits to crash mvdsv on the same machine)

[edit] Crew

  • Image:flag_us.gif Phil - Code and ideas
  • Image:flag_dk.gif Zalon - Gave space on 2.0
  • Image:flag_uk.gif gaz - Gave space on
  • Image:flag_us.gif ult - Also thanks for space on (now defunct)
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