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Ignition 3

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The third season of the Ignition tornament was started to allow (relatively) new players (rookies) to test their skills once again.

From the Ignition 3 site:

Ignition is a Quakeworld tournament for those who have played QW 6 months or less. This is more of a guideline than a requirement, it's of course impossible to have such a measurement (the measurement is made my playing vs rookies in #qwrookie).

The goal is to introduce new players to this fantastic game, and by playing equal opponents it's supposed to make QW a more enjoyable game for those who are very recent to the game.

Having fun is the main goal, whine is best left at home and not put into the server while you play.

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Participants are listed on the official site's page.

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Ignition (Leagues)

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