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How to get Xfire to detect QuakeWorld

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Jump to: navigation, search is the popular thing with the gaming kids these days; 12 million users, about 250 thousand online at any given time!

Xfire is a instant messenger client aimed at gamers, that logs what games and how long you play, and uses the info to rank the games (listed here), it tells you what games your friends are playing and which server they're connected to. QW is inaccurately represented on the site, its highest rank was #368 of 1202 with 35 players per day. While quake 3 for example is #52 with 4632 players per day. Currently, to get it to detect your playing, you have to rename ezquake-gl.exe to glqwcl.exe (you can change glqwcl.exe to ezquake-gl.exe in xfire_games.ini file, but the official Xfire client periodically updates the version of the .ini file automatically, this should be fixed soon), and for some reason it only lists about 25 servers worldwide.

I know many QWers wouldn't see the point in using the Xfire service, but imagine how it would benefit QW if every player's game-time was logged and put QW in the top ranks of, along with nice screenshots and video, for potentially 12+ million users to see!

You can disable all the extraneous features, there are plugins for Pidgin (linux), Miranda IM, Trillian, and MacFire (OSX), so you may not even need to install the official xfire client, all that matters is that you have xfire running (running from OS start will be best) and make it detect and log your QW playing, in order to swell the rank of QW at

[edit] Step one

Download Xfire (or if you downloaded an Xfire plugin for your IM client, visit

[edit] Step two

After it's installed and configured, go to your quake directory and change your client exe name (ezquake-gl.exe, ezquake.exe, fuhquake.exe, etc) to glqwcl.exe. In the xfire client, go to tools>options>games> then open the list of 'not installed', press q, locate quakeworld, tick 'manual setup' locate exe file, add commandline parameters if necessary, and apply. Run qw, alt tab and verify that the xfire client reports you playing qw and in which server.

[edit] Step three

Join the 'clan' I created :D

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