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One of the most solid teams ever. In 2005 Fragomatic won NQR, EQL and SD winning all but 2 maps.

[edit] History

The team had disbanded in 2006 after manulito stopped playing, valla joined Team Freedom and Xterm joined Slackers, leaving XantoM without a team. They revived in August 2007 however, after valla and Xterm left Slackers to join XantoM again. After this long break they play EQL Season 6 and NQR Season 11. The new team featured the old players, as mentioned before Martin (Valla), Pascal (Xterm) and XantoM but also a lot of new players, mrlame, nabbe, riker, inferno, inter, who played with the older members in clans such as Image:flag_se.gif Lege Artis, Disorder and Dota Allstar Guys before. After the season Xterm, nabbe and valla took a break while XantoM joined The Viper Squad for the upcoming season.

Later in 2008 Fragomatic gathered some new troops (razor, moltas, cage), they signed up, but didn't manage to play in EQL Season 8.

2009: Xterm, nabbe, valla, riker and Inferno sign up for EQL Season 10 and despite only martin and pascal playing active they manage to reach the semifinal where they go down to Slackers.

2011: After reaching four EQL semifinals in a row Fusion falls apart and also The Viper Squad, six time EQL winners, maybe unexpected by some because they might've been able to gather four players, doesn't come back for EQL Season 14. Martin, Pascal and Rikoll from Fusion and XantoM and Milton from the new Fragomatic lineup, bringing three of the old winning team back together, joined by Milton who arguably has been the best quakeworld player for several years and Image:flag_no.gif Rikoll who has proven to be one of the best duelers in current days and has also shown great skill in 4on4 making this the favourite team for the title in every competition they enter.

2012: With only one map loss throughout the entire season of EQL (season 14), playoffs included, Fragomatic decided to split up for EQL season 15. With the purpose of boosting the activity in general, and motivation of division 1 teams in particular, in an declining QuakeWorld scene, a split-up was decided as the best choice. Martin and Milton went off to create a new team (ParamedicS), Rikoll joined clan Chosen while Xterm and XantoM decided to take a break. All three of the Swedish players; Xterm, Martin and XantoM, were all part of the Fragomatic team that won the first season of EQL, almost exactly six years ago (2006-01-11).

2014: Fragomatic returned for EQL 19 consisting of XantoM, Xterm, valla, Milton, Creature and maga - a mix of players from the original Fragomatic and Image:flag_fi.gif The Viper Squad. Having played the entire group stage without a map loss Fragomatic faced the EQL Season 18 champions Image:flag_se.gif Suddendeath in the highly anticipated final. The final turned out to be a real thriller with map scores of 146-192 (dm3), 227-242 (e1m2) and 288-157 (dm2) (view match report).

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