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player introduction

  • Real name: ???
  • Born: ???
  • Nationality: Image:flag_uk.gif British
  • Current clan: ???

[edit] Clan history

Image:flag_uk.gif Quake Police Dept

[edit] Achievements

A legend of the pre-2000 UK QW scene. HPB but defeating all in his path, the rumour was that he had to stop playing because of a phone bill that weighed in at several hundred pounds. Up until that point he was probably considered the best player in the UK (connections with Europe meant a comparison was not possible).

Had a short rivalry with Sujoy. Fragga defeated him on DM4 in a challenge match, where Sujoy agreed to play as an HPB. Then in the UKOOL, Sujoy playing as an LPB won 9-8 on DM2 with a frag in the last second after losing an 8-0 lead.

Now plays TF2 to a pretty high level;

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