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FTE also known as FTEQW, FTE QuakeWorld and Fore Thought Entertainment.


Latest version[[1]]
Update: At Quake Expo 2016, AfterQuake was released. AfterQuake is a package with everything you need to fully enjoy the wonders of FTE.


[edit] Information

[edit] Client features

  • Independent physics
  • Customizable particles - create your own effects, even in SW
  • Built-in serverbrowser
  • Demo capturing - create your own movies
  • Plugin system - the current plugins will allow you such features as customizing the HUD and connecting to IRC
  • On-the-fly video mode switching - switch resolutions and even renderers (GL/SW/D3D) without restarting QW
  • 32-bit support, even in SW
  • Realtime lighting
  • MD3 and MD2 model support
  • PK3 and ZIP support - compress your files and organize the quake folder
  • Bloom, bumpmapping and lots and lots of various eyecandy settings - see for a premade setup

[edit] Android port

See FTEDroid

[edit] Server features

  • Anti-wallhack
  • requiredownloads - can enter the server while downloading files
  • Runs KTPro and KTX
  • binaries for windows, linux and raspberry pi

[edit] External links

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