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FTEDroid is a port of FTE and is also created by Spike. It's a QuakeWorld, Quake 2, Quake 3 and Hexen 2 client for Android devices.
Screenshot of FTEDroid observing a LIVE game on an Android phone. Looking great!


[edit] Features

  • supports all games that FTE supports;
  • supports modifications (mods) as any other client.
  • Different areas of the touchscreen are used to different binds. For example, to change weapon, simply press on its position on the hud;
  • opens QuakeTV links, so you can observe LIVE games on your Android (refer to to see which games are going on);

[edit] Installation Instructions

These installations instructions are valid to launch Quake using FTEDroid client for any modern Android device. You basically need to move your Quake/QuakeWorld folder to your phone's root folder, more especifically '/fte'.

  • If you haven't done it yet, under Settings, allow non marketplace apps to be installed, or apps from unknown sources;
  • Download to your computer, and place it (like any Quake client) on the root of the Quake folder you wish to copy to the phone;
  • 'NOTE: you may want to use AfterQuake package as your Quake folder.'
  • 'NOTE: make sure you have pak0.pak and pak1.pak files under id1/ folder'
  • Now connect your phone to your pc and copy the Quake folder to your phone, tothe folder '/fte'.
  • You are now ready to launch FTEDroid, watch demos (place them under /fte/id1) or even watch QuakeWorld games live (QTV streams).

[edit] Usage

If the console text size is too small, use the command vid_conautoscale 4. If it's too dark, use gl_contrast 1.3 and gl_brightness. gl_gamma doesn't work.
Settings will be automatically saved.
How to spectate QuakeTV streams (live QuakeWorld matches):

  • visit with the phone’s browser;
  • click on a ‘watch’ link;
  • It asks which app should open the link. Choose FTEDroid;

FTEDroid should launch and connect to the stream automatically.

Default binds:

  • volume keys to +showteamscores,
  • the left and right area of the screen to +jump and +fire (mouse1 and mouse2 binds).
  • Use the MENU key to toggle the console, and the on screen keyboard to type on it.

Settings will be automatically saved. Use the BACK key to navigate.

[edit] Advanced Usage

It's a normal Quake client. You can run various quake mods (including mission packs) by installing them adjacent to the id1 directory on your sdcard, and then using the 'gamedir' console command to switch between them. switching between games (ie: between quake, quake2, hexen2, quake3) requires the use of the fs_changegame command in order to ensure various default settings get applied to match the different gamecode modes.
You can use different textures, crosshairs, etc. Customize to your liking like any other modern Quake client.

[edit] Known issues

  • URLs opened with Opera browser don't work;
  • users with swiftkey app reported not being able to use the onscreen keyboard to type in the console. Disable swiftkey.
  • after a match ends, it disconnects from the stream - this is actually a mvdsv server bug.
  • Quake 2 single-player or hosting your own server doesn't work without someone porting the gamecode to ARM architecture.

[edit] Download
direct link

[edit] Discussion on the internet

[edit] Feedback

Quality feedback is needed! If you find FTEDroid useful, please submit! Take screenshots, tell which device you're using and android version. explain the problem step by step. Then either report on quakenet irc, #fte or open a ticket on Sourceforge. Thanks

[edit] More

you can use FTEDroid with all the games that FTE supports. Here's the folder list where you should put the game files:

  • /fte/id1 (Quake 1)
  • /fte/hipnotic (mp 1)
  • /fte/rogue (mp 2)
  • /fte/baseq2 (Quake 2)
  • /fte/ctf (multiplayer)
  • /fte/xatrix (Q2 mp 1)
  • /fte/rogue (Q2 mp 2)

Use fs_changegame to switch between quake+quake2, and gamedir to switch between id1/hipnotic/rogue.

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