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Formerly known as Dala.

Joined Satanic Slaughter Clan in 2000. Quakeworld career prior to that not really worth mentioning.

  • Real name: Jussi
  • Date of birth: 1986
  • Also known as: Dala
  • Nationality: Image:flag_fi.gif Finnish
  • First spawned: 1997
  • Colors:   4     0  

[edit] Clan history

[edit] Achievements

  • 2007 Drank 10 litres of white russian from a bucket in one sitting.

[edit] Quotes

"heitä kone ikkunasta 666 sarcofago" (toss your computer out of the window sarcofago[1])

"<slaSS> veikkauksia paljo päättyy suomi-venäjä <Demonarch> 666-0 ja maalivahdilta pää irti" (<slaSS> anybody willing to guess the final score finland vs russia <Demonarch> 666-0 and the goalie gets head ripped off)

"OLETKO SE SINÄ JEESUS?! - planet zog - Oon siirtynyt seuraavalle tasolle eli vessanpuhdistusaineisiin ja uraanilla rikastettuun hammastahnaan. - spiidil saa iha mitä vaa - tai sanosin että LSD ja HERSKA on niiku AITO!!! AITO!!!! - + sienet - isoissa annoksissa - MORBID FASCINATION OF TURPENTINE - JUHLAVAT HOMEJUUSTOT JOULUPÖYTÄÄN +++ KARHUN NÄHTY PASKOVAN GOLFKENTÄLLE" (IS IT YOU JESUS?! - planet zog - I've moved to another level meaning toilet cleaning products and toothpaste riched with uranium. - I can get anything with speed - or I'd say that LSD and HEROIN is like TRUE!!! TRUE!!!! - + mushrooms - in large portions - MORBID FASCINATION OF TURPENTINE - FESTIVE BLUE CHEESES TO XMAS DINNER +++ A BEAR IS SEEN TAKING A DUMP ON A GOLF-COURSE)

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