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player introduction

  • Real name: Felix
  • Date of birth: 20/08/1982
  • Nationality: Image:flag_uk.gif British
  • Current clan: Image:flag_eu.gif Mob of Oddballs

[edit] Clan history









[edit] Achievements

UKCL Div 1, can't remember what season... UKCL Cup Quarter Finals with loc.
Challenge-EU main newswriter for some time maybe around 2000 when Fatal1ty was shooting to fame.
Also wrote a popular CHEU column.
King of Thursday Kenya 14 - Doomed - 3rd place, rookies division.
King of Thursday Kenya 15 - rgb_green_beta2 - 2nd place, rookies division.

[edit] About

Introduced to his first clan in 1997 by Olli, settled into LoC and played there for a long while. Went to uni in October 2000 so stopped playing properly then, dabbling in Clan Arena and playing a season or two during the holidays for a few years. Hard drive died in 2004 and QW was forgotten as he got deep into Ultimate Frisbee, but remembered again after getting a bad ankle injury just before competing at Worlds in Australia in late 2006. Played NQR10 during this injury time, but back playing mostly Ultimate since fixed. Can occasionally be seen in, playing some 2on2, spectating big matches, playing King of Kenya Thursday, Ownage, or EQL for Mob of Oddballs.

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