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MAPNAME - "The Name of the Map"
Author: Unknown
Gametypes: N/A

DM5, The Cistern. Nobody really plays this map. It's included here for completeness.


[edit] Items

There are various items littered about. I think a Pent is in there too, somewhere. Nobody really cares because nobody really plays this map.

Weapons Powerups
Lightning Gun: None Mega Health: None
Rocket Launcher: None Quad Damage: No
Grenade Launcher: None Ring of Shadows: No
Super Nailgun: None Pentagram of Protection: No
Nailgun: None Armor
Super Shotgun: None Red Armor: None
Ammunition Yellow Armor: None
Pack of 6 Cells: Unknown Pack of 12 Cells: Unknown Green Armor: None
Pack of 5 Rockets: Unknown Pack of 10 Rockets: Unknown Health
Pack of 25 Flechettes: Unknown Pack of 50 Flechettes: Unknown 25 Health: Unknown
Pack of 20 Shells: Unknown Pack of 40 Shells: Unknown 15 Health: Unknown

[edit] Popularity

Not popular at all, the misplaced RL (behind a button-activated door) totally wrecks what could have been, potentially, a decent map. This map is/was however included in many unconfigured FFA servers past. A rush of the distinctive squelching sound that signifies players leaving is a certainty if this map is included in any FFA map cycle today.

[edit] Appeal

The size and general layout, with the lack of RA would make this a reasonably decent, fast-paced map - if you could actually get an RL. This map could be great with some fresh ents.

[edit] Criticism

The map's only RL can be totally camped by anyone standing on the top bridge. This makes it almost impossible to get an RL in practice.

[edit] Areas

A general overview of how the map is laid out

[edit] Area One

A description of the area and a quick note about its importance.

[edit] Area Two


[edit] Area Three

Beep Beep I'm a Jeep!

[edit] Area Four


[edit] How to Play

[edit] Free for All

Don't rely on being able to get an RL, probably best to concentrate on the GL next to the rear water entrance.

[edit] Screenshots

I'm going to flesh out a screenshots section later. Too lazy atm. =)

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