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Clan Z

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[edit] History

Clan Z was forged from a core group of players from the legendary clans Finnish Allied Quakers and Clan Cute. Clan Z was considered the best Scandinavian clan for most of it's existence and maintained a virtually undefeated record.

A dramatic match and the passing of the torch V2 Quarter FF-Z One of the more memorable matches in QuakeWorld history was between Clan Z and Flaming Fist. Z lost the match in a fashion never seen before. In a way, in this match, Z ended up passing the torch to FF for a new era of QuakeWorld, an era of speed. The difference between the bunnyhopping Swedes and the slow trotting oldschoolers of Z was astounding and especially on dm3, Z looked like it was standing still while FF were zooming all around the map, leaving Z no room to breathe.

Clan Z had been less active before this match and afterwards seemed to wind down even more, losing to FF again in Smackdown Season 1.

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