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All players

Western European Players

Image:flag_at.gif Austrian
Image:flag_be.gif Belgian
Image:flag_uk.gif British
Image:flag_nl.gif Dutch
Image:flag_fr.gif French
Image:flag_de.gif German
Image:flag_ie.gif Irish
Image:flag_lu.gif Luxembourgian
Image:flag_ch.gif Swiss

East European Players

Image:flag_cz.gif Czech
Image:flag_pl.gif Polish
Image:flag_ru.gif Russian
Image:flag_hu.gif Hungarian

Southern European Players

Image:flag_it.gif Italian
Image:flag_pt.gif Portuguese
Image:flag_es.gif Spanish

Scandinavian Players

Image:flag_dk.gif Danish
Image:flag_fi.gif Finnish
Image:flag_no.gif Norwegian
Image:flag_se.gif Swedish

Non-EU Players

Image:flag_us.gif American
Image:flag_au.gif Australian
Image:flag_ar.gif Argentinian
Image:flag_br.gif Brazilian
Image:flag_ca.gif Canadian
Image:flag_il.gif Israeli

pretty sure you forgot mik, the best individual 4v4 player in Australia? singlehandedly defeated FA in sd5 with a team of noobs? thx

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