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In QuakeWorld terminology, a cam is a person connected to a server as spectator via a Qizmo proxy. This allows other spectators to connect to the same proxy and spectate the cam, rather than being connected to the actual server the game is played on.

Due to bandwidth limitations, most QuakeWorld servers usually only have 2-8 spectator slots. However, in order to enable the mass viewing of games with a large public interest, these spectator slots are often reserved for cams in big games. Qizmo proxies usually have 16-64 slots. So if 4 cams, each on a Qizmo proxy with 32 slots, are connected to the server the game is played on, the game can thus be spectated by (4*32=) 128 people rather than 4.

This method of mass spectating, however, is expected to soon be replaced by EZTV. While EZTV is still in development and not available for all QuakeWorld servers yet, it brings the huge benefit of streaming the MVD, thus allowing all spectators to spec whoever player they want, rather than being restricted to spectating the player currently selected by the person serving as cam.

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