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BesMella-Quake version 5
BesMella-Quake version 5

BesMella-Quake is a community website. Providing primarily QuakeWorld news and competition updates, content often varies to other areas of common interest such as NetQuake, customisation and support.

Other noteworthy sections include the forums, columns and hosted competitions.


[edit] Information

[edit] History

BesMella-Quake version 1
BesMella-Quake version 1

Founded in 2000 by dirtbox and Puglet and succeeding the defunct Sparky and Piggy's Quake Newz, BesMella.Quake (its name a variation of that of the founders' hometown) quickly established itself as the leading source of news for the Australian QuakeWorld player. Helping it's early success was the array of hand-picked authors who would not only update the community on all matters Quake but acquaint the audience with personal anecdotes in their columns.

[edit] Crew


  • Image:flag_au.gif dirtbox - Co-founder, Journalist, Columnist
  • Image:flag_au.gif lemike - Web design, Columnist (inactive)
  • Image:flag_au.gif notjosh - Backend
  • Image:flag_au.gif pc9630 - Backend, Columnist
  • Image:flag_au.gif Puglet - Co-founder, Journalist (inactive), Columnist (inactive)
  • Image:flag_au.gif vb - Journalist, Columnist



[edit] 2012 Competitions

[edit] Old Competitions

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