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[edit] Introduction

Battle4Tickets was a one day 2on2 tournament organized by Zalon. What made this tournament special was that only people who were going to attend QHLAN 14 were allowed to participate and that the winners would get a free entry to the event.

[edit] Results

[edit] Admins

[edit] Settings, Rules, Maps

  • Maps allowed: dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3
  • Ruleset Smackdown, no rocket jumping scripts
  • Time limit: 10 minutes
  • Overtime 3 minutes
  • Deathmatch mode 3
  • Powerups ON (OFF @ DM4 & DM6)
  • Discharges enabled

[edit] Highlights

  • Xenic & Ihminen vs. bps & mawe on ztndm3: Even though Ihminen was lagged out for most of the game, xenic ruled the map alone for the first couple of minutes. Eventually, bps & mawe of course got too overwhelming. [1]
  • ParadokS & XantoM vs. Valla & rikoll on DM6 in the grand finals: One of the most epic comebacks ever by XantoM and ParadokS.

[edit] Signups

[edit] Demos

[edit] Statistics

Signups: 8 teams

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