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Personal information
Alias(es) Rincewind
Real name Adam
Nationality image:flag_se.gif Swedish
Current clan Image:flag_fi.gif Clan MalFunction
Colors:  10    3  
First spawned 1997
Current status Inactive
Clan history
Year(s) Clan

Image:flag_dk.gif Nasty Beasts Inc.
Image:flag_dk.gif The Green Machine
Image:flag_se.gif Spartacus
Image:flag_se.gif =X=
Image:flag_se.gif Bad Game Slackers
Image:flag_se.gif Gatugeng
Image:flag_fi.gif Clan MalFunction
Year(s) Tournament Type Place
NQR Season 6, GC
NQR Season 7, Div1
NQR Season 9, GCP
5th (tied)
1 = Achieved with Image:flag_se.gif Bad Game Slackers
2 = Achieved with Image:flag_fi.gif Clan MalFunction
CHTV demos

Angua is a notorious QuakeWorld player from Stockholm, Sweden - who's been playing since he was 12. He was an NQR admin and plays in top-clan Clan Malfunction. He is referred to by some as the "(un)official king of QuakeWorld movement".

[edit] Career

Started out as a freelancer with eyes on his danish idols in NBI (Nasty Beasts Inc.), which he later joined and became NBI-Rincewind. As NBI got inactive he joined a different danish clan - TGM (The Green Machine) together with his older brother Daver. Also TGM became inactive so angua, Daver, Marx aka. Ubermann and Nikita formed Clan Spartacus. They swiftly became very good as they all lived in the same city and played from one place with good connection and in-clan communication. At the same time Mr(s) Angua also had a team fortress career going as a sniper in clan SoF (Soldiers of Fortune), and soon transfered this nick to the DM clan aswell.

Eventually, Spartacus stopped playing, and went on to play CounterStrike, but in the name of RAF (Rote Armee Fraktion). Angua got bored of this after a season and went back to quakeworld, to join former late spartacus members Xerial and Javve in clan =X=. Played a season until Xerial and Javve thought they would do better in a different clan than =X=.

This left Angua, Vladde and Ztorm alone, so they all hooked up with Mrlame, Link and LocKtar to form Badass Gaming Seniors Royale also known as Bad Game Slackers or just simply BGSR. BGSR was a great success beating both arch-enemies SR (Slackers) and Divines - where Xerial and Javve had gone to. The BGSR project was however just a one-season thing. And disbanded after NQR 6 , a season which is remembered because of all the drama the clan provoked.

Angua then went on freelance a couple of months, playing in a "mixteam" called Gatugeng with Haj, Manu and Slabby... to later be joined by a bunch of other players too. With this mix-clan he managed to get a good reputation and respect among the higher ranks of players. This lead to after questioning cMF if they needed some help winning the NQR him joining Clan Malfunction where he still plays, with great success... First season after joining, champions for the first time in NQR 7, then a year of inactivity and army. First season after army, champions for the second time in NQR 9.

[edit] Trivia

  • Started playing as 'Rincewind' but fake-nicked on QuakeWorld Team Fortress servers as 'Angua', which later became his "official" nickname.
  • Both his regular nickname 'Angua' as well as his first nickname 'Rincewind' are taken from Terry Pratchett's 'Discworld' series.<sub<span class="plainlinks"[ top psychics]/span>/sub> Rincewind is a failed student of the 'Unseen University' and spends most of his time running away from people that want to kill him.[2] Angua (actually called 'Angua von berwald') is a female werewolf working at the city watch of Ankh-Morpork.[3]

[edit] References

[1] Terry Pratchett's 'Discworld' series:
[2] The 'Rincewind' character:
[3] The 'Angua' character:

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