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AMPHI - "The AmphitheatrE"
Author: Timothy 'AmoK' Ellis
Gametypes: DMM4

"Amphi kicked off a DMM4 revolution in QuakeWorld that spawned dozens of other DMM4 maps and even has been copied in many other fps games" - Dirtbox

Inspired by playing DMM4 on End, Amphi is a big circular plateau bearly above the lava in a giant box room. Three pillars with spawn points are above the lava in a square formation around the plateau. The fourth spawn is on the plateau at the longest distance from the three pillars.

It took roughly 3 hours to create this map using DeathMatch Maker.

Amphi was first uploaded to Besmella-Quake on 11th April 2001 and posted on Prion's column. Recreations of Amphi can be found in many other games such as Quake Live, Quake 4, Unreal Tournament 2003 and Warsow.


[edit] Popularity

Mainly used for aim practice, it is also a good test of basic rocket jump skill to be able to RJ between the two pillars from a stand still. The GLRJ between the farthest pillars is, however, trivial.

[edit] Appeal

What's awesome about the map?

[edit] Criticism

The original version of Amphi suffered poor lighting, texturing and geometry which lead to it being remade as Amphi2 by an unknown author.

[edit] LGC2

LGC2 featured this map during week 4:

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