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American Gangsters

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The best North American clan from the moment it saw the light. Played in all tournaments and never lost a single official game.

[edit] History


[edit] Information

  • Founded: ???
  • Nationality: Image:flag_us.gif American
  • Clan prefix: [ag]
  • IRC channel: #american (QuakeNet)
  • Website: -

[edit] Members

Inactive members

Image:flag_us.gif fiend, Image:flag_us.gif fuman, Image:flag_us.gif john, Image:flag_us.gif yogic

Former members

Image:flag_us.gif bulldozer, Image:flag_us.gif cataklysque, Image:flag_ca.gif daw ,Image:flag_se.gif interceptor, Image:flag_us.gif kse, Image:flag_us.gif strych9, Image:flag_us.gif thrope, Image:flag_us.gif vise,Image:flag_us.gif w1ndex, Image:flag_us.gif wombat, Image:flag_ca.gif pinion, Image:flag_ca.gif haze

[edit] Achievements


  • Challenge Smackdown I - 1st


  • Challenge Smackdown II - 1st
  • Challenge Double Team - 1st
  • Challenge Smackdown III - 1st


  • Partners In Crime - 1st
  • Genocide 5 - 1st

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