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AEROWALK - "Aerowalk"
Author: Preacher
Gametypes: Duel, 2on2, FFA

One of the two custom maps included in the "big five" for 1on1 play, created by Preacher. (The other one is ZtnDM3.) Aerowalk is the most popular of the pair in most regions (but not all -- in Russia sometimes ZtnDM3 is more popular.)


[edit] Items

Some comments about the map items.

Weapons Powerups
Lightning Gun: 1 Mega Health: 1
Rocket Launcher: 2 Quad Damage: Yes
Grenade Launcher: 1 Ring of Shadows: No
Super Nailgun: 2 Pentagram of Protection: No
Nailgun: 0 Armor
Super Shotgun: 0 Red Armor: 1
Ammunition Yellow Armor: 1
Pack of 6 Cells: Unknown Pack of 12 Cells: Unknown Green Armor: 2
Pack of 5 Rockets: Unknown Pack of 10 Rockets: Unknown Health
Pack of 25 Flechettes: Unknown Pack of 50 Flechettes: Unknown 25 Health: Unknown
Pack of 20 Shells: Unknown Pack of 40 Shells: Unknown 15 Health: Unknown

[edit] Popularity

How likely you are to run into this map. Is this map more popular in certian parts of the world?

[edit] Appeal

What's awesome about the map?

[edit] Critisism

Why wouldn't someone want to play the map?

[edit] Areas

An overhead view of Aerowalk
An overhead view of Aerowalk

What is the general shape of the map?

[edit] Area One

[edit] Area Two

[edit] Area Three

[edit] Area Four

[edit] How to Play

[edit] Duel

Aerowalk favors a fast, rushed strategical and technical approach, has Red, Yellow, and Mega control points, and favors utilization of teleporters for shot placement.

[edit] 2 on 2

[edit] DMM4

Why would someone want to play this map in DMM4?

[edit] Free for All

Just for fun. :)

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